GNO Announces Changes to Pay Periods / GNO收益計算週期變更通告

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021

Starting August 1, each month will be split into 2 Pay Periods:

  • Pay Period 1: 1st-15th
  • Pay Period 2: 16th-end

There are many benefits to the new Pay Periods, including:

  • More time for rank advancements and retention
  • Monthly autoships on the same day of each month
  • Monthly promotions to help you grow your business
  • A close out culture that helps you reach your goals

Please note: The current Pay Period will close one day early, on Saturday, July 31.




  • 第一個收益計算週期: 每月1日~15日
  • 第二個收益計算週期: 每月16日~每月最末日


  • 有更多的時間累計來晉升及維持領袖級別。
  • 自動送貨計劃可調整於每月同一天扣款。
  • 促銷活動每月結算可助您成長事業。
  • 業積每月結算有助您目標設定及達成。

請注意: 正在進行的收益計算週期將於7月31日星期六結束(美國時間)


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